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Paradis Event

A mini-vacation targeting a young demographic

Challenge number one: How can LVMH target a new generation of consumers? Challenge number two: How can LVMH bond with the new target audience and become a part of their lives? Challenge number three: How can we achieve these goals on a limited budget? Three major challenges, one major solution.

We developed a unique trip to Qingcheng Mountain, a stunning destination surrounded by water and bamboo – the perfect representation of the balance and harmony found in Hennessy Paradis. And the perfect way to inspire a young demographic.

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During their stay, guests enjoyed a precisely mapped customer journey while engaging in several fascinating touchpoints together along the way. They got a chance to deepen their bond with the brand while reinforcing the notion that HPX is the best cognac to enjoy with their loved ones. Celebrity speeches and exclusive dinners put the finishing touches on an extraordinary mini-vacation filled with unforgettable moments to share.