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Explore the music with Itaipava

Itaipava is positioned as your companion for music festivals. But in order for it to become top-of-mind among a young demographic, we needed to create an experiential platform to trigger, engage, and reward fans with relevant content.

Our idea: At Brazil’s major rock festivals in São Paolo, Porto Alegre, Salvador, and Minerão, where bands like Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses, and Aerosmith were on the bill, we developed a brand experience featuring a music wall made of records on a stage where people could listen to music and guess the artists. Participants were able to interact with vinyl discs that played just enough to give them an idea what the song sounded like.

Over 380,000 people at 9 concerts participated, creating plenty of buzz for Itaipava at music festivals across Brazil.

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