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Mercedes-Benz Classic Partner at Techno Classica

Being classic – in a non-classic way

Europe’s biggest classic car show has a, shall we say, rather classic feel to it. So we thought it was time to break from the norm and create something new.

We created a brand experience platform for all future classic car shows in which the true souls of classic cars comes to life in live repair sessions inside a garage. With the help of classic car experts, we placed the sessions in the very heart of the premium and modern exhibition space, where classic car enthusiasts could experience the expertise and craftsmanship of a certified ClassicPartner. 

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And not just visitors to Techno Classica – fans from all over the world could engage with a live stream to questions and get close to the heart and soul of several vintage Mercedes beauties. We were very proud, and not just because we helped facilitate the sale of 10 classic cars (that’s a lot for this type of exhibition) – we also won the coveted Automotive Brand Contest Award for the design and experience of the stand.

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