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#GrowUp with Mercedes

Growing up with Mercedes

It was 2017, and Mercedes had just revolutionized its branding with a fresh tonality and progressive imagery, choosing content over conformity. So how could Avantgarde revolutionize a classic roadshow for a young and urban target group? Brand image was key – and learnings based on data the enabler for the future.

With the #GrowUp roadshow across Germany, we paved the way for Mercedes to enter the digital event era. It was a breakthrough brand experience that laid the foundation for the Mercedes brand space design and provided mobile interaction via people’s own smartphones. It included five modern brand environments with unique points of experiences, where people could interact with their phone and get rewarded on the spot. 

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In a nutshell: Easy-to-access mobile interactions and lifestyle incentives in exchange for relevant consumer data. Influencer events, barbers, baristas, and DJs – we created hotspots for the hipster-way-of-life, and in return we got 102,551 visitors, over 4000 test drives, and 60 trimmed beards. In the true spirit of growing up, it’s how we transformed the story into a powerful brand experience.

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