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Cadillac House

A unique brand house for Cadillac

The exceptional Cadillac House in Munich was a one-of-a-kind brand space, where the brand met famous art by Andy Warhol. Wondering what a car brand has in common with Warhol? Glad you asked! It’s quite simple: Warhol photographed and painted Cadillacs. There’s simply is no other artist, living or dead, who represents the American dream like Warhol, and there is no car brand that represents America like Cadillac. So we created a remarkable brand house, that brought the Cadillac brand to life with some of Warhol’s famous pieces. 
The numbers in a nutshell: Over 40,000 visitors, over 1,000 test and shuttle drives, and plenty of influencers in attendance, including Caro Daur, Tokio Hotel, Maria Furtwängler, Ricardo Simonetti, and Cathy Hummels.

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It was a unique brand space for creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, and curious people to connect and inspire one another in the company of five famous Warhol paintings. After three-weeks of success, the exhibition continued as part of the Stroke art fair in conjunction with Talenthouse, an art networking site where creative minds came together to share new ideas about art.