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Audi Innovation Award
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates

Vorsprung durch the Audi Innovation Award

Progressive Design. Innovative technology. True “Vorsprung Durch Technik.” In order to communicate the essence of the Audi brand while positioning it for creative talents in the GCC and Levant regions of the Middle East, Audi needed a new approach to targeting the innovative minds of the creative community and the large collection of high-net-worth individuals. Additionally, Audi needed to create engaging content for its dealer network in the MENA region. It needed a true legacy project that would establish Audi as THE regional automotive brand when it comes to innovation and creativity.

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We helped launch Audi’s true legacy project, the Audi Innovation Award, to engage over 60,000 people by getting them excited about Audi’s current and future technologies. This annual design competition empowered regional designers to collaborate with leading design institutions like Art Dubai Group. The award is a mark of outstanding achievement, celebrating the exchange of ideas, and serving as an investment into the collective by empowering future change makers. We at Avantgarde were responsible for implementing and communicating the award concept, which led to Audi becoming the exclusive automotive partner for all of Art Dubai Group’s design events, including Dubai Design Week and Downtown Design.