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Art of Performance Tour
MENA Region
MENA Region

Experience the Art of Performance

Since 1935, Jaguar has created the most beautiful cars in its segment. But these days, Jaguar needs to shift its communication and marketing to focus on future drivers of Jaguar cars in order gain more leads and generate more sales.

For over three seasons, we’ve designed, developed, and produced the Jaguar ART OF PERFORMANCE Tour. The goal has always been to leverage Jaguar’s challenges while targeting a younger demographic with digital engagements. And the result is a unique brand platform that has hit 10 hot spots throughout the MENA region, enabling Jaguar to increase its brand awareness, while the incredibly interactive and highly engaging environment activates guests to go on test drives that shape their brand perception. It’s more than just a fun and modern driving experience – it’s a completely immersive environment where young people hang out, make connections, and experience what Jaguar means by the ART OF PERFORMANCE.

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