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Elise Huang

Make the World Suck Less:
A Community for Social Good Co-Created by Young People in China

Talking about sustainability and social responsibility could easily make some people feel stressed and some bored, because most of the time the goals are big and too far away. But a group of young people in China are trying to change people’s attitudes and perceptions towards social issues in a more fun and creative way. That’s how “BottleDream” was born.

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Instead of bombarding you with serious consequences of not taking actions, “BottleDream” opens you up to all possibilities of making a positive impact in everyday life, however small it is. It’s okay to not yet live a sustainable lifestyle; as long as you’re open to try, you can find out how to start here. It’s okay to let your imagination run wild; as long as you have ideas to make the world a better place, you can find your audience here. Everyone can be a change maker in their own way.

On top of daily ideas sharing, you can also read about how people on the other side of the world are doing things differently to tackle a problem, or write about a creative reflection you have for an existing issue in your city. You can meet up for board games about climate change, or go for a weekend adventure into nature with the community. All forms of inspirations are here for you.

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“BottleDream” is exploring a young and dynamic way to communicate and connect with Chinese audiences on social innovation. It brings people together from online to offline, turning their good intentions into meaningful actions that truly make them happy. These young people have successfully opened up their dream world which was previously stored in a bottle.

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About the Author
Ching-yu (Elise) HUANG is an expert in cross-cultural marketing. A Taiwanese having lived in Europe and the USA, she has experiences working with an extensive range of projects in Chinese, English and French. Currently Content Manager in the AVANTGARDE Group in Shanghai.

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