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YooBar Pop-Up
Austria, Switzerland
Austria, Switzerland

A place created by Millennials, for Millennials

Before launching the all-new Danone Yoothie – a yoghurt smoothie drink (yep, it had never been done before) – Danone faced one major challenge: The supermarket shelf. A place where brands fight fiercely for consumer attention. Yet Danone needed to generate trials, especially when it comes to attracting Millennials, while educating people about how special the Yoothie is among all the other products.

So instead of just focusing on supermarket sampling promotions, we created an integrated pop-up experience platform for the all-new Danone Yoothie – the YooBar. The world’s most creative pop-up bar opening, the YooBar turned visitors into brand space co-creators.

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Based on the motto “From Millennials, for Millennials,” anyone could share their inspiration with graffiti on the store’s walls, in exchange for trying a Danone Yoothie.

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We created an all-new experience dimension for Danone – from the overall communication idea, slogan, experience design, and implementation across Austria and Switzerland. In this process we gave out 450 samples to high quality contacts per day. A true milestone, we left traditional FMCG marketing communication standards behind and shifted the conversation to powerful brand experiences.