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Time to Be With BYTON
Germany, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands
Germany, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands

Time to connect across Europe

To kickstart BYTON’s premiere in Europe, BYTON needed to create brand awareness and get people excited for the all-new brand and autonomous vehicle. But we faced a major challenge: How can we launch BYTON in Europe without even a car to test-drive?

Instead of focusing solely on the car’s features, we created a powerful brand experience that embraced BYTON’s brand essence and their concept for the future of mobility. Based on the brand messages “Time to Be” and “Time to Connect”, we emphasized the power of connection by creating a brand experience platform that truly enables “Time to be” with BYTON.

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Instead of launching at Geneva motor show, BYTON made its debut at Milan Design Week at a renowned art gallery in the trendy Brera district. We positioned the brand between the contrasting priorities of technology and design in order to target opinion leaders in the fields of design, art, technology, innovation, and culture.

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The success of the launch event led to a European roadshow across Germany, Norway, and the Netherlands, where we continued the story in high-traffic lifestyle destinations. From co-creation and experiential workshops, to guerrilla street art, and round tables with BYTON’s CEO, we were able to create an impactful brand experience while building brand interest and awareness, and educating over 145,000 visitors about the brand’s pioneering concept for the future of mobility.