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The Next 100 Years
USA, United Kingdom, China
USA, United Kingdom, China

Don’t celebrate the last 100 years – Celebrate the next 100 years to come

100 years of the BMW Group – 100 years of innovation and fascination in the automotive sector. But what’s the point in looking backwards, when you can gaze into the future instead? In order to position the BMW Group as THE pioneer of future mobility and a true trendsetter in tomorrow’s lifestyle concepts, Avantgarde helped the BMW Group implement a fascinating exhibition on the future of the BMW Group across the globe.

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For the first time ever, a global brand experience platform was developed for the entire BMW Group – Rolls-Royce, Mini, BMW, and BMW Motorbike brands. Their vision vehicles were celebrated in Los Angeles, London, and Beijing under one global roof. Over 120,000 visitors around the world were inspired to engage in a futuristic experience full of impactful shows, powerful revealing moments, digital engagements, and kinetic installations.