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Porsche Cayenne Premiere

Dynamic to its core

The exclusive launch event for 350 VIP guests should to be as dynamic as the all-new Porsche Cayenne itself. But in order to help people understand the true meaning of dynamic in the context of the Porsche Cayenne we needed to create a brand experience that could enable people to experience the feeling of driving a Cayenne without actually sitting behind the wheel.

The result: One of the world’s most exciting car reveals. We made use of large rotating LED screens, floor projection, and a live performance of Cayennes and acrobatic dancers that combined dynamic content with the movements of the car. The show revealed not only the car itself, but all of its dynamic features in a single holistic and emotional story. With augmented reality, guests were able to engage more deeply in the show via their smartphones. It was a breakthrough event, making Avantgarde one of the first global agencies to add mobile content to a spectacular live performance.

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