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Occhio Lightstream

This is not a Livestream.

It’s a Lightstream.


When it comes to light, Occhio is probably the world’s most enthusiastic, exclusive and serious brand. When they asked us to create a concept for their first ever virtual partner days, a simple livestream was not an option. We developed a dynamic format which highlights the brand’s DNA: The Occhio lightstream – invites spectators on a digital journey through Occhio’s light universe connecting numerous Occhio partner locations in one dynamic and innovative flow. Various speakers showed up at different stunning locations, which added special benefits to the partners. The climax: an exciting performance by light artist Matthias Singer, who brought the lightstream to life.

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700 excited Occhio partners across 10 countries |

5 parallel streams across Europe |

90% pre-produced content |

preloader image Occhio Lightstream

Thanks to interactive elements, viewers got the impression of an approachable and unfiltered live-event. However, 90% of the lightstream was pre-produced by us. Therefore, we guaranteed high quality content, minimized the clients stress level during the event and met the brand’s demand for perfection.

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Apart from ideation and realization of the Occhio lightstream, we created a unique branding for the event, which was rolled out via different touchpoints. In order to give the partners a feeling of a high-class event, we surprised them beforehand with a first-class gin package and an iconic poster.

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preloader image Occhio Product Box