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preloader image Noventi Initiative gegen Corona
Noventi Initiative against Corona

Together against the virus


Right at the start of the Corona pandemic in spring 2020, NOVENTI, market leader in the German healthcare market, launched the „Initiative against Corona“ with its partners BILD, WallDecaux and Facebook.

The aim: to raise public awareness of important practices and protective measures – thereby helping to curb the spread of the virus.

For this purpose, AVANTGARDE developed a campaign that used attention-grabbing motifs and slogans to spread the life-saving message of of distance and hygiene to the people. Right at the start we launched the „soap dispenser advertisement“ in „FOCUS“. We stuck a piece of soap paper under the title „This ad can save lives“ – and thus gave every magazine reader the opportunity to wash their hands while on the move.

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With „Share nicht das Virus. Schere deine Maske!“ (EN: “Cut out a mask to cut out the virus!”) we published DIY instructions for a mouth-nose cover at a time when masks were in short supply. Renowned influencers brought our message to the communities by presenting our claims on their sweatshirts.

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preloader image Noventi Anzeige Bring Corona nicht zur Oma

And for Easter and Mother’s Day we called for responsible behaviour in the family with the motives „Bleib‘ zu Haus. Schick‘ Liebe raus.“ (EN: “Stay at home. Send out love.” and, of course: „Bring Corona nicht zur Oma.“ (EN: „Don’t bring Corona to Grandma.“) Germany quickly understood and distanced itself from the virus. Nice job!

The Corona pandemic is not over yet, but AVANTGARDE’s awareness campaign, which was mainly carried out via social media and out of home advertising, has already made it into the history books: The German Historical Museum in Berlin has declared campaign motifs to be a document of contemporary history and has included them, along with other artifacts, in its collection. This will ensure that the decisive moment (and how the Germans dealt with it) will never be forgotten.  And one day we can tell our grandchildren what it was like – when we couldn’t visit Grandma because of Corona