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IQOS – Next Generation Retail
Philip Morris

Turning tobacco retail on its head


As a tobacco product, IQOS broke every convention in its category. So why would launching it in the European market be any different? Philip Morris partnered with Avantgarde to disrupt the industry. 

With a start-up attitude, we set up multiple teams of specialists to create an all-new strategic approach and reinvent the tobacco retail experience. Teams of retail experts, creatives, architects, logistic experts and others combined skill sets to launch and manage a wide range of IQOS retail spaces across Germany, Austria and the UK.

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Avantgarde designed an end-to-end, direct-to-consumer retail journey for IQOS, creating buzz in the market and converting conventional smokers to IQOS. From ideation and implementation to back- and front-end operations and real-time data analytics, Avantgarde developed custom systems for IQOS, incorporating marketing activities and promotions.

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To date, we have hired, trained and managed 450+ IQOS store experts and are operating IQOS stores, pop-ups and shops-in-shops in key markets in Europe. Avantgarde guided Philip Morris through the unknown territory of retail with a completely new and innovative product. In this way we managed to create a unique retail expertise story for the brand and ourselves.

A journey that started in 2015 ...|

and continues to grow today|

IQOS – A retail success story|