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Sell the feeling, not the car

Avantgarde had successfully implemented the Mercedes-Benz Roadshow for eight years. For the first time ever, we were asked to create a Mercedes-Benz brand experience exclusively for a young and female audience. So how could we reshape the perceptions women have about Mercedes?

Simple: Don’t sell the car. Sell the feeling of driving it.

We recreated the roadshow to be digitally infused and filled with experiences that women would love. It began with a stylish lifestyle setup and included mobile engagements that invited visitors to fully interact with the Mercedes brand via their own smartphone. Together with MTV and a collection of influencers, we offered yoga sessions, remarkable test drives, top-secret gigs, a chance to win cars designed by Samy Deluxe, and more. 

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The brand experience was all centered around, and designed to generate, social media. The buzz we created reshaped the brand’s perception in ways we never thought possible: A total reach of 40 million and a 40% increase in test drives taken by women.

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reaching 40+ million people on social media|

over 40% increase in female test drives|

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