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Ferrari Pista Asia Pop-Up

Goodbye to motor shows – Hello brand experience platform

How can a brand like Ferrari leverage its unique and distinctive image and create a brand experience that no other brand could match? Easy: Don’t go to the Beijing Auto show like any other automotive brand. Create your own brand experience platform instead. Invite the 300 most influential VIPs around, and become the talk-of-the-town.

In the heart of Beijing, we developed the Ferrari Pista Asia Pop-Up – a luxurious and exciting brand space in a 500-square-meter art gallery with a single object at its center – the all-new Ferrari Pista.

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At first, the pop-up was open exclusively to 300 VIPs and influencers, and featured extraordinary performances. Later, the space was opened to the public and the Pista was joined by four vintage Ferraris and the rest of the current lineup. Mesmerizing interactive tools delivered insight into the long and storied history of the brand, in an atmosphere full of Ferrari magic.

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