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Expo Energy Pavilion

Electrifying the future of energy

Expo 2017 Astana appointed Avantgarde to design the Energy Best Practice Pavilion, a space to present the latest work in the future of energy. A fully digital exhibition space to educate the world on best practices and solutions in the world of energy with multiple exhibitors, workshops, and events.

With one iconic design element, we combined our in-house expertise in outstanding architecture design with digital interfaces and engagements like the world had never seen before: The Energy Stream.

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The installation led visitors through the exhibition on a continuous stream of LED light, while providing interaction and communication elements on their own smartphones. Everyone was inspired to get to know the true meaning of Energy Best Practice by engaging with their smartphone in a digital visitor edutainment guide, seamlessly embedded into the exhibition design.

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In the end, we touched over 233,000 visitors and implemented over 450 events within 93 days – yet another proof point of our ability to connect outstanding architecture and digital engagements to create an unforgettable brand experience.