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Explore the New

Enabling people to become co-creators with their smartphone

Lufthansa has been roaming the skies since 1918. In order to celebrate the new Lufthansa brand in 2018, we at Avantgarde wanted to make some history of our own. With a fully digital event where guests became co-creators with just a single swipe on their smartphone.

The #Explorethenew event set milestones in the digital event era. We created a fully interactive, digital, multimedia event to celebrate the new Lufthansa with the world. A place where we connected over 2,500 guests and their smartphones with over 155 screens as an art installation in order for guests to shape the event space with content they can interact with on their own smartphone.

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With just a single swipe, visitors were able to upload personalized content, engage with existing content, and share their story with the world. Or in other words: The smartphone became their host and the key interface for interacting with the event space.

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A live stream enabled those who couldn’t be present to still be part of the spectacle. The event was a milestone, transforming a typical B2B gathering into a fully digital brand experience beyond borders.