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Dresden Edition
Dresden Information GmbH

An award-winning design tribute to Dresden

With the new merchandising collection for Dresden, the Dresden Information GmbH wanted to show the world the cultural diversity and uniqueness of the cultural capital in Germany.

The idea: the Dresden edition! For this purpose, we at Avantgarde designed dynamic logos based on the ground plans of some of the most fascinating architectural buildings of Dresden. The form of each logo comes in a shape of the letter ‘D’ – build on the floor plans of buildings such as the Semperoper, the Hofkirche, and the Gläserne Manufaktur. A total of twelve logos pay tribute to the iconic buildings of Dresden.

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As an exceptional highlight a collection of branded stones was manufactured. The Logos were sandblasted into „Zöblitzer Serpentin“ – a material used in most of Dresdens historic buildings.

Awards won: ADC Europe Gold and ADC Germany Silver and Bronze.

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