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Guiding 860,000+ through the world’s largest contemporary art exhibition

documenta is no ordinary art exhibition. It’s the largest space for contemporary art on the planet, displaying over 300 artists in 60 locations for 100 days. The challenge: How could Avantgarde coordinate, excite, and inspire visitors with over 100 guided tours through this enormous space?

It just took planning. From conception to realization, we created seamless guest journeys for documenta14, including visitor services, art dealing, merchandising, shop design, operations, and hospitality. We made use of personalized and targeted communication measures, standardized processes, and highly experienced experts to provide totally unique and highly customized tour guides. 

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Each tour was influenced by the contributions of group members with paths, routes and courses that the visitors took crossing and intertwining as they journeyed through Kassel. With the help of 160 expert tour guides, visitors could introduce their own perspectives on the works of art, ask questions, and engage in conversation while discovering and unravelling the exhibition. It was a truly holistic brand experience from start to finish, a true milestone in guest handling and services, and a platform for sharing visions and ideas on contemporary art and worldwide topics.

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