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David Bowie Exhibition
Avantgarde Cultural

Making pop culture accessible

The David Bowie show at London’s V&A was THE pop culture exhibition everyone was talking about. So it’s no surprise that Avantgarde managing partner and world’s-biggest-Bowie-fan Alexander Böttcher set out to connect to the V&A and the global art scene in order to bring Bowie back to one of his most-loved homes: Berlin. But how could the most-visited show in V&A history find great success in Germany as well?

In order to properly highlight Bowie’s life work and his history with Berlin, we adapted the music legend’s powerful brand experience to Berlin’s unique vibe with a remarkable audio-visual guide. For three months, we guided guests through a journey of his life story filled with interactive installations, music, and a narrator that made our hero come alive. 

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But there’s more: We connected the museum with commercial partners like the curators from the Tate Gallery of Modern Art and Ai Weiwei, inviting them to create international buzz and European-wide media coverage.

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Overall, the exhibition welcomed over 180,000 visitors in 90 days and brought the legend back to his German fans.