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Coca-Cola Festival Platform

Triggering someone to open a Coke

A music festival without a Coca-Cola booth? Not possible. But since Coca-Cola wants to be present at least 25 different national festivals per year, we advised the world’s most famous brand to increase the consistency of Coca-Cola’s appearance and messaging with a brand experience platform instead of merely implementing single-festival activations.

Long story short: We were appointed to design Coca-Cola’s brand experience platform for all upcoming music festivals in Switzerland. Based on a highly scalable and adaptable brand experience manual, we equipped Coca-Cola with several ideas designed to engage people in unique brand experiences and make the festival booth THE place-to-be. 

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According to the marketing claim "Trigger someone to open a coke" as well as the current umbrella campaign "Taste the feeling,” the tasting moment was extended and captured as 180-degree video clips that fans could share on social media. Total reach: 3.2 million festival goers in the first year alone.