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Bringing Philips Healthcare Solutions To Life

Philips tasked Avantgarde with bringing their Customer Experience Centres (CEC) to life in the digital world to help support 600 live events that were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Philips wanted to take full advantage of the flexibility of a virtual platform when it comes to managing content, while not compromising the personal touch that is inherent in their live events and at the CEC.

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Our Challenge
How do we build a virtual experience that maintains the Philips personal touch, provides a personal experience, and succeeds in maintaining a sense of a live experience?
In addition, how do we build a content management system that is easy to use but is flexible enough to allow the client to create highly tailored content?

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The Solution
We developed a fully custom-built platform that allows Philips to build clinical care pathway narratives (tours) with a focus on the end-to-end solutions that Philips offers. 

We allowed guests the option to take a guided tour – in which an audio or video host accompanies them along their journey – or to self-explore.

Consistent CTAs throughout the experience encourage visitors to sign up to live one-on-one consultations or to book slots in Philips Live! webinars and seminars – all driving prospects down the sales funnel. 
The content management system is modular and flexible, allowing Philips to add new products and solutions as they develop, whilst making the task of controlling existing content as simple as possible.

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