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Audi A8 Press Launch
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates

The most stunning – and sharable – scenery

The task: To introduce Audi’s ultra-luxury flagship model to journalists and social media influencers from across the GCC. But how could we excite a B2B audience with (yet another) press launch event?

We decided to think big and create a brand experience that would provide the perfect scenery to create extraordinarily shareable content. The Audi A8 brand experience began with a hot air balloon ride over the UAE desert, where guests enjoyed a breathtaking sunrise. Then, the Audi logo emerged from the desert hills below, formed by the Audi A8’s famous headlights in the magical dawn atmosphere. Finally, upon arrival back on Earth, the group embarked upon an equally magical driving experience. Naturally, our guests posted the breathtaking scenery throughout the day on multiple social media channels, creating instant buzz all over the world for the all-new Audi A8.

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