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Allianz Direct Pop-Up
Allianz Direct

Allianz’s online insurance is being renamed. With a new name, the insurer bundles the business from four European countries.
Avantgarde developed a communication platform in the shape of a pop-up concept, which showed that a new, modern era of insurance has begun.

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Under the theme “Making it possible now”, the first pop-up went on the road in Berlin’s Sony Center on October 14th, 2019. Here, the brand became physically tangible for passers-by and offered an experience that was also relayed via social media. This way, potential customers could interact with the brand in a playful way via special activities from the automotive sector and learn more about the new offer of the online insurer.

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In a photo booth, there was also the opportunity to capture the moment and take a picture as a racing driver or sitting in a racing car. And here, too, tickets could be won, provided the picture was tagged with the right hashtag and shared.

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Interested visitors were allowed to take a spin on the racing simulator and win VIP tickets for the Formula E race in Berlin by setting a best time record.

With the pop-up concept, Avantgarde showed that as a customer of Allianz Direct, you don’t have to worry about anything and can instead use your time for something better than insurance documents.

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