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Align Interactive Brand Pop-Up
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Smile with confidence

Invisalign equips orthodontists globally, helping them align and straighten people’s teeth for a perfect smile. Or, as we like to say, the perfect smile. So our challenge was not only to raise the profile of Invisalign with potential patients in the UK. But also how we could make people smile with an Invisalign brand experience?

In order to drive brand awareness and word-of-mouth, we created a truly “big bang” brand experience for Invisalign that got the brand noticed in UK Cities and beyond through PR and social media amplification. To capture the attention of consumers in a surprising way, we created a pop-up store with a magical switch glass window. When passers-by smiled in front of the shop window, they were instantly surprised by the appearance of either a live band, a bunch of flowers, some cute puppies or a host of other unexpected experiences.

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There’s simply nothing more fun than surprising and delighting consumers with the totally unexpected. The pop-up perfectly captured the ‘Smile with Confidence’ brand essence and, most importantly, the Invisalign website experienced a 261% uplift in the number of searches for Invisalign providers. Which in the end made the client smile.