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Al Shindagha Bridge Ground Breaking
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates

A Ground Breaking moment to remember

Dubai is one of the world’s greatest cities, where deep-rooted history meets a visionary future. And as the city’s public transport company, it is RTA’s duty to leverage the city’s history and His Highness’s vision in pursuit of better transportation for all citizens.

“We are proud of our past and our present, and we face the future with unflagging determination.”

– His Highness Sheikh Rashid to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed

In conjunction with the royal family’s dreams and RTA’s all-new bridge concept, we developed an idea that accounted for the beginnings of Al Shindagha and the reclamation that took place there through the 1950s. The motto: Bring Dubai’s history into modern times.

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An impactful, emotional story brought Dubai’s concept to life in a bridge installation through the use of high-tech effects and real water (yes, real water). The experience took viewers through Dubai’s glorious history and towards its bright future, rendering the visions, ambitions, dreams, and achievements that have shaped the city as it grows toward infinite horizons. The highlight: During the ceremony, a model of the new Bridge rose up and literally broke ground, representing the shift from the tunnel to the bridge, and from the past to the future. The circular podium opened with smoke and lighting effects, and the model beneath slowly began to rise above. A groundbreaking moment that amazed both RTA and the royal family.