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Client Mercedes-Benz

#GrowUp with Mercedes

Based on a breakthrough brand experience, the #GrowUp roadshow helped Mercedes enter the digital event era and engaged 100,000+ visitors.

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Client Lufthansa

Explore the New

The world's first digital event, where guests became co-creators and could interact with 155 screens via their own smartphone.

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Client Porsche

Snow Force

A breathtaking winter driving experience in the middle of Mongolia, where guests could experience the Porsche brand like never before.

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Client Prince Mercer Capital

George Talks

Prince Mercer Capital LLC wanted to speak out against Trump. Via AR technology, we bring the first president back to life to remind us of America’s real values.

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Client BMW

The Next 100 Years

To celebrate 100 years of BMW Group, a futuristic brand experience was centered around the BMW Group's vision and then sent it around the world.

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Client EXPO

Expo Energy Pavilion

The Energy Best Practice Pavilion at Expo 2017 Astana was designed with a true iconic design element that combined our in-house expertise in outstanding architecture design with digital interfaces that engaged over 230,000 visitors: The Energy Stream.

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Client Cadillac

Cadillac House

The Cadillac House in Munich brought the brand together with art by Andy Warhol to create a unique brand space for creatives and entrepreneurs.

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Client Align

Align Interactive Brand Pop-Up

This ‘big bang’ brand experience for Invisalign drove awareness, word-of-mouth and website traffic, all from one little shop window.

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Client Mercedes-Benz


In order to target a young and female demographic during the 2018 Mercedes-Benz roadshow and to shape their brand image about Mercedes, we shifted the focus to social media, unique content creation and brand experiences that express the feeling of driving a Mercedes car.

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Client Danone

YooBar Pop-Up

The world’s most creative pop-up bar opening, where anyone could share their inspiration with graffiti on the walls: The Danone YooBar.

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Client Porsche

Porsche Cayenne Premiere

Rotating LED screens, floor projections, acrobatic dancers, and Porsche Cayennes – it all added up to the world’s most exciting car reveal.

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Client Avantgarde Cultural

David Bowie Exhibition

Bringing the V&A’s David Bowie show to Berlin with a powerful brand experience that brought the legend back to life for 180,000+ fans.

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Client BYTON

Time to Be With BYTON

A brand experience centered around BYTON’s brand essence and future mobility concept at Milan Design Week for over 145,000 visitors.

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Client Meydan

Dubai World Cup Welcome Reception

A true remarkable equestrian event to celebrate the Dubai World Cup, with cutting-edge technology, emotional storytelling, and an incredible grand finale.

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Client Reporters Without Borders

Digital Exile

Together with Reporters without Borders, the social media campaign Digital Exile enabled people to loan their accounts to journalists in exile.

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Client Volkswagen

Living Medal Count

Exciting over 750 million people with an extraordinary live experience at the 2014 Olympic Games: The Living Medal Count.

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Client Dresden Information GmbH

Dresden Edition

To show Dresden’s cultural diversity, a total of award-winning twelve logos has been designed in the shape of the letter ‘D’ that pay tribute to the iconic buildings of the unique city.

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Client Audi

Audi A8 Press Launch

To introduce the all-new Audi A8, a spectacular brand experience with a hot air balloon over the desert at sunrise was transformed into the perfect content to share on social media.

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Client Samsung

Olympic Torch Relay

Samsung partnered with the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, and we kick-started the largest on-the-move party the world has ever seen – a 70-day roadshow across the UK.

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Client Honda

European Motor shows

An exhibition stand for Honda featured at all major European motor shows with mind-blowing design and a precisely mapped visitor journey.

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Client Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Festival Platform

Reaching over 3.2 million festivals goers with Coca-Cola’s brand experience platform for music festivals in Switzerland.

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Client Mercedes-Benz

V-Class Launch

A first-of-its-kind theater play for an all-new Mercedes V-Class full of entertainment and interaction.

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Client Innocent


The world's first love storm campaign by Innocent encouraged people to share a moment with the hashtag #letslovestorm.

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Client Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Classic Partner at Techno Classica

A Mercedes-Benz Classic Partner brand experience platform for all future classic car shows in which the souls of classic cars come to life for fans around the world.

preloader image McLaren 570s Dubai Rotation 1-138_bearb_komp
Client McLaren

570S Spider Driving Experience

This unforgettably luxurious McLaren 570S Spider driving experience began at sea level and raced towards the heavens via Jebel Jais.

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Client LVMH

Paradis Event

In order to get a younger demographic inspired by Hennessy Paradis, an extraordinary mini-vacation to Qingcheng Mountain excited people to experience the brand and product in an unforgettable destination.

preloader image IZS_9191_bearb
Client Audi

Audi Innovation Award

Targeting innovative minds with the Audi Innovation Award, a brand experience platform empowering regional creatives.

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Client Cervejaria Petrópolis

Crystal Festeja

In this inspiring brand experience, festivalgoers were invited to have a Crystal in a bar high above the rest of the crowd.

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Client Mazda

Mazda 3 Big City Life

Positioning the Mazda 3 as the urban jungle partner by creating an adventurous driving experience in Barcelona’s hottest spots.

preloader image Bridgestone Turanza
Client Bridgestone

Bridgestone Turanza T005 pan-European Launch

The launch of the all-new Bridgestone Turanza T005 to 300 European trade customers excited with an immersive brand experience on the Athenian Riviera.

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Client Jaguar

Art of Performance Tour

We helped Jaguar increase its brand awareness with an immersive brand experience that designed to activate guests to go on test drives.

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Client Volkswagen

Rally the World

The #ExcitementWeShare campaign for VW brought the rally back to the people with adrenaline-fueled experiences across Europe.

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Client Juice Plus

Juice Plus Product Launch

For the Juice Plus all-new flavor launch, five events were held across Europe all at the same time, featuring an extraordinary dinner and a 3D mapped projection at each table.

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Client Ferrari

Ferrari Pista Asia Pop-Up

Instead of going to the Beijing Auto show, the Ferrari Pop-Up in the heart of the city was able to deliver a true remarkable brand experiences beyond a rather "old-fashioned" exhibition stand.

preloader image Shindagah_Bridge_Innaugaration_Setup-0025_bearb
Client RTA

Al Shindagha Bridge Ground Breaking

Bringing together Dubai's storied history and its bright future, culminating in one groundbreaking moment with RTA.

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Client Mazda

Mazda CX-5 Dealer Congress

This integrated brand experience for the all-new Mazda CX-5 brought together dealers from around the planet, to immerse them in Mazda's world.

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Client Philips

IFA 2018

Translating Philips's product innovation expertise into a powerful brand experience for trade visitors at this leading consumer electronics show, fusing the latest technology with live performance.

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Client Volkswagen

Gläserne Manufaktur

Since 2002, Volkswagen’s Gläserne Manufaktur inspires people with outstanding guest experiences throughout the iconic production facility.

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Client Cultural Brands

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

Making every visit an extraordinary experience at one of the most inspiring museum in the world, the Dresden State Art Collections.

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Client LBBW

200 years of LBBW

For LBBW's 200th birthday, a fully digital, completely interactive event featured personalized guest management with a chatbot app serving 10,000+ guests.

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Client Acesur

La Española Olive Oil

When La Española Olive Oil launched in the UK, the 360-degree integrated brand experience campaign delivered a truly authentic taste of Spain to British food lovers.

preloader image SPTrip - Gun's Roses (7)_bearb
Client Cervejaria Petrópolis

Musicalize com Itaipava

Itaipava's brand experience at major rock festivals across Brazil made the brand top-of-mind among concertgoers who engaged in the truly unique music experience.

preloader image National Paralympics Day, Brighton.
Client British Paralympics Association

National Paralympics Day Celebration

For National Paralympics Day, the Come and Try roadshow and showed over 3,500 visitors what it takes to excel as a Paralympic athlete.

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Client Allianz

Allianz DigitAll

A five-day Allianz convention has been transformed into the digital era.

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Client documenta


A holistic brand experience for documenta with guest journeys designed around personalized and targeted communication measures.

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The Return of the F13

For RIMOWA's replica Junkers F13 on its maiden flight, an unforgettable experience reached inspirational heights.