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Emission Impossible|

The AVANTGARDE climate initiative
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We are on our mission against emission

We have analysed our footprint and decided: it is high time for new, sustainable sneakers and a mission against emission! We are proud that Avantgarde has been climate neutral since 2020, but simply offsetting is not enough for us. We want every employee to experience their daily work in a climate- and emissions-conscious way. And this is how we do it:


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The only thing we are neutral about: The climate

With the help of the sustainability agency Sustainable, the Avantgarde Climate Club has determined our corporate carbon footprint and developed measures to reduce our CO2 emissions. Since 2020, we have been climate neutral and offset our (still) unavoidable CO2 emissions through improved kitchen regimes in Malawi, biogas plants in India and forest protection at the Luangwa in Zambia.


How we stay cool

Through green power

All our locations and soon our stores will be powered by electricity from renewable sources. This will reduce our carbon footprint by a full 20% compared to 2019.

Through sustainable mobility concepts

Electric and hybrid engines will be given preferential treatment by us through a new company car policy. This means we will soon be leaving combustion engines behind.

Through sustainable travel planning

If the journey takes less than 4.5 hours, we take the train, form carpools, or meet directly digitally.

Through sustainable mobility concepts

Over 70% of us come to work by bike or public transport. Avantgarde supports its employees by providing a free company bike and, in some cases, public transport tickets.

Through new recycling concepts

Through our creative Spotify bins, we separate better. With the right song on our ears, we avoid residual waste and collect more plastic for recycling than ever before.

Through digitalisation

Our billing processes work paperless. This allows us to save large amounts of paper and energy for printouts.

We green our business.

Our claim to sustainability also applies to our work with clients. In the conception of new brand experiences, we save on CO2 and resources – but not good ideas and first-class implementation.

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"A sustainable consciousness arises when one pushes boundaries in a sustainable way. For it is only in questioning ourselves that we change. At Avantgarde, we throw comfortable habits overboard to make room for new processes."

Regina Unterforsthuber
Sustainability Management