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Allegra Görtz

The new dawn of Internal Communications

Languages, words, messages, conversations, chats … [you get the point, the list is endless]

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So far my entire life revolved around the world of Communications. My parents worked in the fashion industry, more specifically publishing, and over the course of the years I always worked in Public Relations offices worldwide, in-house at companies from different sectors in the Communications department or at magazines. I knew I was meant to be in this world, yet it did not feel like a match made in heaven where it just clicked… until back in early 2020. I joined the Avantgarde Group and after a few months in I applied internally for the vacant position as Internal Communications Manager. I’ve been around the “job” block, and I have never encountered such a welcoming environment like here at Avantgarde. I am not exaggerating; I know what I am talking about. At Avantgarde it’s about the people, about each individual and everyone can shine in their own way. My new role gave me the chance to talk to all my colleagues, not just on a local level, but worldwide and to all our subsidiary companies. Don’t call me cheesy, but in the end it’s a big family.

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My main task is to spread and share intel of the company with all Avantgardians worldwide, such as cool pitches we won, or when we completed a cool project, in general everything newsworthy that involves the Avantgarde Group. Since newsletters and simple Teams postings often remain unread, I came up with a new format on how to share the insider news. I got inspired by news shows and developed the Avantgarde Newsroom, in short ANR. It’s a great success, but even more, I am proud of this format, because I am convinced that video formats will remain one, if not THE most important communicative tool out there. Plus, I get to show off what AH-mazing work my dear colleagues create on a daily basis!

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All this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the people behind it. I firmly believe that each of us is unique in their own way, and everyone contributes to the everyday business in a different way. Therefore, my belief is to try to create a personal connection to each and every one. I know it could be better, but the combination between the distance of the different offices incl. the work-from-home policy is not making it any easier, yet I am not giving up.

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An interim solution is for sure by adding sections such as “Avantgarde Talents”, “Avantgarde City Experience” and “Avantgarde Challenges” in the bi-monthly ANR (Avantgarde Newsroom) so that all Avantgardians worldwide see each other and the faces behind the different offices.

On another note, it is also interesting to see how much importance the role of Internal Communications gained during the Covid pandemic. With the employees confined to their homes and now companies allowing to work remotely it is more important than ever to keep the connection alive between the company, its culture and its employees.
The pandemic was also, in my opinion, very welcomed wake-up call to point out how miserably we did in terms of connecting with people with all the digitalisation that happened over the course of the years. Real life experiences and human connections are the real deal, ergo emotional intelligence is the new sexy.

So finally, it doesn’t come as a surprise that I feel so at home here at Avantgarde, because our DNA is ALL about experiences. So, if I would choose my Avantgardian experience signature it would be


– seeing the person, knowing their name (I know plenty, let me tell you) and some insider stories that will keep this connection between me and my colleague(s) alive and hopefully deepen ever more over time.

About the Author
Allegra is in charge of International Communications at the Avantgarde Group connecting all units, teams and subsidiaries across the globe. Milanese at heart, and German on paper, she brings la dolce vita to the office. Allegra gathered her expertise in Communications throughout the last 10 years across different sectors such as fashion, finance, tech and more.

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