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Julia Rosprich

Reaching beyond the Known

As live events and brand experiences are still annulled or delayed, and as we still find ourselves confined to our homes, the demand to maximize the benefits of digital-only experiences and hybrid approaches increases. From our point of view brands still have to reach and engage existing and potential customers. New platforms like Clubhouse show the ever growing need to connect, to share and exchange thoughts, to get a sense of belonging in a society where physical encounters are currently limited.

Virtual events have been the new normal since the beginning of the pandemic, they started as basic meetings held over video conferencing tools where everyone joined from home with their webcam. Now while that seemed the only way to host events last year, we dare say, it also seemed to be the least appealing to continue this journey of digitalization this year and beyond.

Almost a year has passed and audiences get more and more tired of these basic events with “talking heads” in front of their webcams, unemotional events lacking creative and engaging concepts and personality. Don´t we all miss the atmosphere around us when attending an event, the grand shows and special effects.

On the other hand, some events already moved to the next level with high-quality productions taking place at locations or in green-screen studios. Recently a new technology made its way to the frontline – extended reality LED studios. We believe in reaching beyond the stories already told with the latest technology and we like to challenge our creative minds every day.

This type of next level storytelling provides limitless experiences, that reach from copying analogue environments into the digital world, to crafting beautifully designed imaginary virtual surroundings.  Mixing real protagonists and elements placed in an LED cube with virtual surroundings and digital overlays to enhance the virtual location which is rendered in 3D with a real-time engine. We find it fascinating to see how protagonists do not walk in a green screen space without really seeing what is happening around them, but rather an interactive setting – a world that is adjusting to any of their motions.

Crafting emotions that create fans

As virtual events and the digital aspects of hybrid events are usually less engaging than the analogue experience so far, we see the need is high to find solutions that are fascinating, inspiring, engaging, entertaining and emotional. The new XR studio technology supports creatives, creators and writers to craft powerful virtual and hybrid experiences that go beyond the known experiences. The possibilities are endless when it comes to combining all touchpoints to create astounding experiences that will keep audiences connected and engaged.

In our opinion the important point to understand is that audiences used to have autonomy when attendings analogue events which was taken away with the previous virtual and hybrid event concepts. This does not have to be the case anymore – by letting participants become content creators virtual and hybrid events can be socially enhanced offering the next level of fan creation. New heights can be reached in terms of connecting social media channels with the extended reality which are incorporated as AR overlays or virtual screen, be it second screen engagement connected to presented content within the LED studio live stream or be it polls and voting results shared in real-time.

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One stage – endless possibilities

This technology gives us within the event industry the chance to re-imagine the world around us thus by creating seamless interaction with different audiences. The LED studio becomes a hub itself connecting multiple media components in virtual reality and allowing for easy integration of social media channels, interactive elements and AR enhanced experiences.

When it comes to creating experiences that matter the most important steps for us are:

  • Defining the event goals and format
  • Selecting the target audiences and focusing on their needs
  • Creating a powerful story with strong engagement touchpoints
  • Think about a narrative the audience wishes to interact with
  • Think about the content and how it can be aligned in an emotional experience
  • Focus on the user experience and create relevant high-quality content
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The future is diverse and we are up for the challenge

We believe, each story is different and therefor a story is only as good as the ingredients used throughout its creation in. In today’s world with an ever-growing event technology industry and new playersit is hard to see through the platitude of solutions. But not only the world of possibilities and suppliers is ever changing, the demands and needs that arise from different target audiences are an ever-growing challenge.

In unprecedented times it is important to not get distracted by new solutions, changing demands and uncertain planning scenarios which makes it all the more important to rely on strong eco-systems that offer inter-disciplinary teams of creatives, technicians, strategists and versatile project managers alike. Only if all these differently skilled people join forces, complex projects such as virtual and hybrid events with different consumer journeys and demands will exceed the ordinary.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” |


The new type of virtual and hybrid events needs a more holistic approach in our opinion. It is not good enough to pick different suppliers, let them do their part and hand over their work to the next – the process needs to be seamless, both, in the creation process and in the user experience. Only then, the different pieces of the puzzle will result into the hero´s journey we want it to be.

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Want to know more?

You are keen to hear more, then contact us directly to learn more about how stories and technology can turn into seamless, emotional and powerful virtual and hybrid brand experiences. Let us hear your story – so we can tell it beyond the limits of reality! 

Our team will show you how reality has no limits, how dreams can be made true – the time is right to reach the full potential of virtual and hybrid brand experiences.

E-Mail @Avantgarde: [email protected]

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