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Victoria Prillmann

Elevating brand experiences with authenticity

When it comes to today’s consumers, authentic experiences are absolutely everything. It makes a lot of sense, if we consider the amount of information we contend on a daily basis. In other words, authenticity is the currency that holds the most value for brands because it can cut through the noise to form the connective thread that consumers attach and relate to.

Empathy is key

Brand authenticity is reliant on empathy. In truly understanding your consumers’ needs and expectations, brands can design complimentary brand experiences that promote your brand values as well as align with your consumers’ value. Marketers can build up this authentic relationship with consumers using a data-driven approach as the basis for brand experience design. In effect, the brand experience is optimised for your specific audience in mind, which aids in the strategic direction of your experiential strategy towards authentically wholesome experiences.

Empowering through tranparency

A hot topic right now seems to revolve around brand transparency. But what does it really mean for consumers and brands alike? It can empower consumers by educating them on the brand’s value. Take a healthy food brand that wants to create authentic brand experiences for its consumers. In aligning with its values as a healthy food provider, consumers may expect an explicit demonstration of this. In practice, the resulting brand experience can engage its consumers by meaningfully interweaving details such as supply chain verification, processing journey and country of origins for its products. Organisational transparency provides the clearest way for brands to develop an authentic relationship with its customers in the context of a brand experience activation.

Extending your brand’s values

Aligning your brand’s value with your consumer’s values with a truthful and compatible approach is likely to encourage your consumers to engage with your brand beyond the transactional level. Brands that are committed to transparent practices on a holistic level place a profound level of trust on consumers to make informed and personal choices, essentially empowering consumers. When brands combine this complete commitment to transparency with a data-driven approach, it can enable the impact of the brand experience to be quantifiable allowing your brand experiences to be sustainable and optimal in adapting towards your authentic-driven practices.

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