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Retail. Reinvented.
Retail-as-a-Service by Avantgarde.|

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Successful brands know their customers

In the future, the sustainability of many brands will depend on establishing direct contact with their customers (bypassing the retail trade). What applied only for the automotive industry in the past, is nowadays also true to sports equipment, consumer electronics, household goods and toys.

The solution: Brands owning online and offline sales channels. Adidas, Nike, Nespresso and IQOS are already extremely successful in applying this strategy.


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Retail-as-a-Service by Avantgarde

Retail-as-a-Service is an all-in-one solution for direct retail. With a simple remuneration model, Avantgarde is the service partner that designs, implements and operates brand retail.


The client pays a monthly all-inclusive fee for planning, implementation and operation of the store. All sales and all data collected in the shop go directly to the client.


RaaS Services

The client defines the time frame, location and budget and Avantgarde takes care of the rest.




Store Set-Up


Controlling & Store Mangement

Scalable RaaS formats

Be it a pop up or a permanent retail space, we create memorable retail experiences for our clients‘ customers. The clients get to choose which format fits their needs best – maybe even both.


preloader image Retail-as-a-Service: Permanent retail

Permanent sales area available for at least 1 year. Service fee is charged monthly depending on store size, location and services selected. Location, size and layout are flexible.

preloader image Danone YooBar Pop-Up

Temporary pop-up store for rent on a monthly basis. Location, size and layout are flexible.



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