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Victoria Prillmann

Why CMOs should pay attention to the experiential consumer?


In today’s world, we are more connected than ever before. The omnipresence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has changed our lives irrevocably, transformed industries and expanded economies beyond imagination. It has revolutionised consumer expectations with the introduction of new mediums such as digital experiences en masse allowing for consistency and scalability. The experiential consumer expectations are constantly increasing with demands for greater convenience, greater transparency and far greater experiences beyond just the digital realm. For brands, the implications are differentiation through experiences and – even more important – a return to the fundamentals of the human experience, just to remain competitive for today and tomorrow.

Relevance is key

With digital experiences being consumed daily, consumers are bombarded by brand messages on an unprecedented level. In translation, these messages are lost due to their uniformity and their lack of a personalisation dimension. What transpires is that these brand messages are insufficient and must be presented with a brand experience that demands the consumer’s undivided attention, but most importantly, it must remain relevant and proactive for consumers’ benefit and added convenience.

Instagrammable experiences

We are living in an experience economy filled with experiential consumers that crave connective experiences produced from brand experiences. This trend has been exhibited with the advent of Instagrammable retail experiences that are specifically designed for social media consumption. The development of Instagrammable retail has led to social media channels such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram integrating social commerce directly within their apps, minimising painpoints for maximum customer convenience.

What we are starting to witness is the perspective that the digital and physical experience are inseparable and singular. Brands are responding with a year on year increase on brand experience spending along with a more considerate perspective on the underestimated power of social media marketing.

This is the power of the experiential consumer, commanding a tectonic shift in the way brands present, engage, and interact with their constantly evolving consumers.

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