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Victoria Prillmann

The next frontier: microexperiences

To create emotionally resonant brand experiences, marketers need to understand the nuances of what makes an experience truly great. The elements for effective brand experiences can be broken down into microexperiences, which is not the sum itself, but the individual units that form the complete experience.

With a profound understanding of great experience design in combination with integrating a microexperience perspective into your experiential strategy, brands can create emotionally expansive brand experiences that consumers can readily interact, engage and absorb.

Imagine the last rollercoaster ride you were in. You probably remember the thrilling peaks of the ride; the moments of exhilaration are naturally the most memorable to you. But what brands seemingly neglect are the very intervals that build up to form the emotional peaks of the experience. It is these microexperiences of the rollercoaster that holds as much weight as the peak moments. Without these ‘muted’ moments, the peak moments of the experience are depowered becoming less memorable.

Effective brand experience design involves the meticulous mapping of the customer experience journey from its peaks to the lows.

It is the process of optimising every single touchpoint within the experience journey in order for your brand experience to achieve maximum emotional impact.

What consumers see is the sum of the experience, but what brands need is to adopt the perspective that each individual microexperience add up to complete a memorably satisfying whole, when it comes to designing brand experiences from conception to execution. This is the next frontier of marketing: a microscopic understanding of the often complex and nuanced world of the consumer’s brand experience journey.

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