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since 1985|

preloader image 1985_Avantgarde_Modemesse_web


Like a virgin… whoo! The first Avantgarde Fashion Show, giving a stage to young designers

preloader image 1986_Gloria_web


‘Shut up, old fags!’ A true scandal at Avantgarde Fashion Show by Gloria von Thurn and Taxis

preloader image 1991_Nina_Hagen_web


A little era comes to an end, with Nina Hagen and Martin Schnaack

preloader image 1992


And a new one is born: 8 people unite to create Avantgarde, the agency

preloader image 1996_Puma_web copy Kopie


Creating the world’s first global guerrilla campaign: Puma contact lenses at the Olympic Games

preloader image 2003c


About 20 years later, 110 people make 20 Million turnover

preloader image 2004_Shanghai_Office_web


Avantgarde gets the Asia bug and opens doors in Shanghai

preloader image 2005_Dubai_Office_web


We deep dive into Dubai and open up our office in the Middle East. Inshallah!

preloader image 2007_London_web


London calling! And our office emerges

preloader image 2010a


Gradually growing we reach a team of 250 experts

preloader image 2011c


Boom!!! Within one year, we almost doubled to 400 people

preloader image 2011_Sao_Paulo_Office_web


We got a taste for summer in winter and plenty of football. Voila: Opening our office in São Paulo

preloader image 2000_Avantgarde_Baby_web


The 77th ‘Avantgarde baby’ is born

preloader image 2013_Octoberfest_web


The most appropriate photo of our annual ritual: Our Oktoberfest visit

preloader image 2014_World_Cup_web


Football’s coming home: Avantgarde at FIFA World Cup

preloader image 2015_Biggest_Agency_web


30 years on from Fashion Week and we are now Germany’s biggest brand experience agency

preloader image 2016_CIT_web copy Kopie


Our first Agency of the Year Award. Thank you very much C&IT

preloader image 2016_Burning_Man_web


AvaBurn: 10 days of dust at Burning Man

preloader image 2016_Agency_Cup_web


A new tradition. Losing at the Agency Cup annually, but being closer than ever before. Score!

preloader image 2017_Knutsch_web


Love is in the air: 123 couples have found each other at Avantgarde

preloader image 2018_Sheep_web


33 years in business. 650 employees, 12 dogs, 8 sheep (not cloned) and 2 rabbits later

preloader image 2018_C&IT_web


Oh yeah! Winning “Agency of the Year” again by C&IT Awards


People think that they make experiences.
In reality: it’s experiences shaping people.

Our individuality is uniqueness is formed by the distinctiveness of the things we experience. We distinguish ourselves through the multitude of unique, individual experiences.


We are the sum of our experiences.

What makes love strong? What keeps friends together? At the core, these are shared experiences and the emotions associated with them: unforgettable moments, adventures conquered together, shared passions… And positive experiences guarantee the bond between consumer and brand. Harnessing the power of experiences for brands has been AVANTGARDE’s core business since its founding over 35 years ago.


We are experts in unique brand experiences that turn people into brand fans.




one interdisciplinary team of experts|

at the ready, around the globe|

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preloader image Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-05 um 16.18.08


preloader image Sangeeta Amin
preloader image Sangeeta Amin
Head of Agency, Member of Executive Committee

An architect by trade with a master’s degree from Chicago, Sangeeta discovered her passion for live events during her first project for BMW Motorrad. In 2005 she launched Avantgarde Dubai and Abu Dhabi to build our client base in the Middle East. Currently she is literally “creating fans” by being responsible for our New Business opportunities. Exploring the world as a four-piece, Sangeeta loves scouting the world for beautiful design and yummy food.

preloader image Dr. Lesley Anne Bleakney
preloader image Dr. Lesley Anne Bleakney

Dr. Lesley Anne Bleakney is an internationally experienced Human Resource professional with a love for strong heritage brands. She has held executive positions in the fashion industry building agile and leadership based organizations with sharp strategic outlines. Holding a PhD, Lesley’s academic roots lay in sociology, philosophy and cultural studies, fueled by her German-American heritage. Her focus and core passion are people - enabling and empowering potential and talent to a new level of holistic performance. Lesley loves eclectic fashion, design and art and thrives on her and her families world travel experiences.

preloader image Stuart Bradbury
preloader image Stuart Bradbury
Managing Director UK

Stuart has worked on both the agency and the client side. He started Avantgarde UK in 2008, following nine years working for ATL and BTL agencies. He has a love of action-packed adventure and has canoed the rivers of Central America, trekked across the Sahara, cycled over the Karakoram Mountains, and holds a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu.

preloader image Ricardo Bruno
preloader image Ricardo Bruno
Managing Director South America

Ricardo has worked in communications for over 20 years. He's been a copywriter, monitored events, worked with sales and merchandising, and always strived to be a fair and inspiring leader. Today Ricardo is Luiz Arruda’s partner, and together they've been leading the Avantgarde Brazil since 2011.

preloader image Guido Emmerich
preloader image Guido Emmerich
Managing Director and CMO

Guido Emmerich began his career at Avantgarde back in 1993 and is now Managing Partner and the principal contact person for our customers. In order to make brands tangible within the framework of a sustainable brand experience and to proactively drive change from point-of-sale to point-of-experience, the qualified sports scientist always keeps up to date with the latest innovations and trends. In his free time he enjoys improving his handicap on the golf course.

preloader image Tim Holland
preloader image Tim Holland
Member of the Executive Committee Agency

Tim is a born-and-bred Berliner stationed in the Munich HQ. Over the course of the past 18 years, he worked in different sectors, such as governmental affairs, hospitality and entertainment, establishing his expertise in Sales & Marketing. After his first encounter with Avantgarde in 2007 he joined the team in 2010 as an expert in Event Marketing and expanded his skills in strategy, concept and deployment. This experience combined with his “let’s make it happen”- mentality helps him navigate in complex challenges, never losing the perspective on the big picture. Currently he leads a large team dedicated to IQOS. In his free time, he is a passionate mountain biker always on the lookout for rough unchartered terrains.

preloader image Robert Müller
preloader image Robert Müller
Managing Director and CFO

Robert is our financial genius. Originally hailing from the Black Forest, he’s worked as both an auditor and a management consultant at Ernst & Young, gaining valuable experience consulting and auditing for a variety of industries. When he isn’t fostering Avantgarde’s strategic development, this passionate sportsman can be found travelling the world with his backpack.

preloader image Bernhard Pompeÿ
preloader image Bernhard Pompeÿ
Managing Director Switzerland

Bernhard is a brand strategy specialist who joined Avantgarde in 2015 after gaining experience in several big agencies in Switzerland and Germany. Originally from Germany, Bernhard is a coffee aficionado who is fascinated by contemporary art and design. He also enjoys basketball and skiing.

preloader image Martin Schnaack
preloader image Martin Schnaack
Founder and CEO

After just one day of studying physics in Munich, Berlin-born Martin Schnaack felt the urge to do something a little different. So he created the Avantgarde fashion show, which soon became THE innovative, nationwide platform for young designers to show their collection and create fans. The mountain-bike enthusiast is still one of the true visionaries of the Avantgarde crew, always challenging convention and embracing change.

preloader image Dr. Marc Schumacher
preloader image Dr. Marc Schumacher
Managing Director and Co-CEO

Dr. Marc Schumacher is a successful and internationally active executive. He started his career at Hugo Boss and Breuninger and established himself as a leading management figure over the course of the years. As a marketing and retail expert, he creates forward-looking communication concepts for well-known lifestyle brands from all sectors (such as Nespresso, Mercedes-Benz, Adidas, Chanel, Moët Hennessy and many more). Through his international network and many business trips, he gains essential industry insights and knows how to discover trends at an early stage. Marc has developed a great passion for keynote speeches, and he convinces his audience with his provocative but honest rhetoric.

preloader image Karl Sponholz
preloader image Karl Sponholz
Chief Product and Technology Officer, Member of the Executive Committee

Karl is an entrepreneur at heart who has a proven track record in designing and building innovative technology products across multiple industries. Before joining Avantgarde Karl build up a multinational Fintech that he managed as COO. In his role as CPTO at Avantgarde Karl works on cutting edge technologies that will emerge a new experience category.

preloader image Christian Stipp
preloader image Christian Stipp
Managing Director Asia

After building a career in the sports industry, Christian took on the challenge of launching Avantgarde China back in 2004. Today, he leads a team of experts across disciplines and established strong business connections in China and across the globe.

preloader image Tim Strathus
preloader image Tim Strathus
Head of Agency, CCO & Member of the Executive Committee

Tim has been a copywriter and creative director for some of the biggest agencies in ATL marketing. In 2011 he changed his focus to brand experiences and developed activation campaigns for brands such as Mercedes-Benz and VW. He’s won several national and international awards and is a member of the Art Directors Club Germany. He loves music, design and football.

preloader image Roberto Warnert
preloader image Roberto Warnert
Managing Director Middle East

With a background in the events and entertainment industry that spans the European, American and GCC markets, Roberto is a dynamic creative with a strategic mind and a natural leader who has been creating fans for over 20 years. His passion for music and all of forms of digital media inspires everything he does; from the projects he leads as Managing Director of the Avantgarde Middle East office to the music he creates with his children in his spare time.

Our Network

preloader image Green Game
We make Sponsoring sustainable

Green Game

Green Game is the first communication agency for sustainable sponsoring. Built from sustainability experts and long-time sponsoring professionals we make sponsoring partnerships more sustainable.

preloader image VITE1
Flexible and brandable hybrid events

VITE Hybrid Event Service

Our team in London have created their very own hybrid event service, called VITE. Already used by clients as diverse as eBay, Credit Suisse and Bridgestone, VITE offers everything a client could need from a hybrid (or virtual) event service. With live streams and on-demand content, polling and chat, networking features to help create human connections and functioning across all your devices, VITE greatly improves the success of hybrid events. And what’s more, every aspect of VITE can be customised to meet the client’s needs. Unlike other services, everything within VITE is flexible – the design, user journey, branding, functionality, back-end connectivity to registration systems/CRM services – all can be updated to make a service that really does look and feel like the client’s very own solution! Check out the VITE information site for more!

preloader image photo-1529094344530-42a0d6a49e8c_bearb
Turning technology into experiences

361 / DRX

361/DRX is a digital agency for augmented, mixed and virtual reality solutions, and a provider of technology-based brand experiences and interactive content. Following the motto “We turn technology into experience”, they create innovative and interactive experiences that go far beyond the boundaries of reality.

preloader image photo-1527474305487-b87b222841cc_bearb
Performance Marketing for brand experiences

Avantgarde PMC

As part of the AVANTGARDE Group we are responsible for international Performance Marketing and Digital Media. Our mission is to plan and execute campaigns across all digital marketing channels. With regard to the Customer Journey, we offer the full line of services and products – from the initial ad touchpoint to the measurable action. Contact: [email protected]

preloader image photo-1495106245177-55dc6f43e83f_bearb
Creating careers

Avantgarde Experts

Avantgarde Experts is the No. 1 personnel agency for marketing, communication and sales experts. From digital, engineering, procurement, logistics, marketing to human resources and office management, Avantgarde Experts recruits high potential students, graduates, professionals, and executives for over 500 national and international brands, large and medium-sized companies, family businesses, agencies, and start-ups.

preloader image photo-1485827404703-89b55fcc595e (1)_bearb
Finding a job has never been this easy


Find a job with WorkNow! WorkNow is a digital assistant for your job search. WorkNow's mission is to finally make the job search as fast and easy as it should be.

preloader image IMG_4961_bearb
Sports marketing and player management


Since 2000 Avantgarde Sponsoring manages all kinds of careers in sports. Football players, TV-hosts, sports brands, World Cup winners, hidden champions, and young talents – our sporty partner has more than 20 years of expertise in sports marketing, player and personality management.

preloader image photo-1483706571191-85c0c76b1947_bearb
Disruptive change consulting


As Germany's first trend forecasting firm, Trendbüro is a strategic think tank and a consultancy for disruptive change and innovation management. Trendbüro is our partner when it comes to providing deep insights and detailed analysis of consumer values, behaviors, and all kinds of changes in our crazy, global world.

together, we design powerful brand experiences|

and create stories to tell|

– Martin Schnaack